The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen is great!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen is great!

The screen of Samsung GalaxyNote 8 until today remains one of the best, if not the best, screens among the mobile devices. But it is not all because the screen of Samsung GalaxyNote 9 is even better!

The testers working for the website DisplayMate conducted their own test on the screen of Samsung GalaxyNote 9. The panel turned out to be the best among all the panels mounted in smartphones that have ever been tested in the laboratory of DisplayMate – and there was already a lot of them!



Samsung GalaxyNote 9 is the second smartphone in history that during a laboratory test received a green mark in almost every category, which means a very good or excellent result. The first smartphone that has achieved that was also a Samsung’s product – the Galaxy S9 Plus.

The screen of the new Note 9 enchants with the maximal brightness that is higher by 27 percent comparing to its predecessor. The screen is constructed in such a way that it can achieve brightness of 710 nits on the whole surface. When maximally a half of the screen is active the brightness goes up to 825 nits. The peak value is tremendous 1050 nits, but it is achieved only when maximally 1 percent of the screen is illuminated.

The brightness can be noticed only when we use the smartphone on a sunny day, but mostly at the moment of watching multimedia for which the Note 9 is practically created for. Its screen beat and set altogether 10 records when it comes to mobile displays. Among others it concerns the color matching that according to the testers is impossible to visually distinguish from excellence!

This detailed test conducted by DisplayMate shows that the screen of Samsung GalaxyNote 9 is the best among the smartphones, but it is also one of the best displays… in general. It shows the high technical level achieved by Samsung concerning this segment.

The screen of the Note 9 makes a really strong impression especially when we play games or watch videos. It is enough to turn on Netflix or even YouTube and enjoy a wonderful quality. Additionally with the size of 6,4 inch diagonal and the resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels. It is just great for watching!

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