Buying back pricing


last update 12.10.2018 r. (1 EUR = 4,21 PLN)

iPhone displays

iPhone 6 5,8 EUR
iPhone 6+ 14 EUR
iPhone 6S 8,1 EUR
iPhone 6S+ 23,3 EUR
iPhone 7 19,8 EUR
iPhone 7+ 32,6 EUR
iPhone 8 32,6 EUR
iPhone 8+ 37,2 EUR
iPhone X 93 EUR

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Samsung displays

Samsung J7 16,3 EUR
Samsung A3 20,9 EUR
Samsung A5 20,9 EUR
Samsung A7 25,6 EUR
Samsung NOTE NEO 3 18,6 EUR
Samsung NOTE 3 25,6 EUR
Samsung NOTE 4 32,6 EUR
Samsung S5 mini 16,3 EUR
Samsung S5 NEO 16,3 EUR
Samsung S5 18,6 EUR
Samsung S6 37,2 EUR
Samsung S6 edge 20,9 EUR
Samsung S6 edge+ 32,6 EUR
Samsung S7 44,2 EUR
Samsung S7 edge 65,1 EUR
Samsung S8 47,7 EUR
Samsung S8+ 74,4 EUR


How does it works?

1. Shipment of displays

The first step of purchasing is shipping the parcel to our headquarters of BrokenLCD. We work from 7a.m. to 5 p.m. and in these hours you can deliver the displays personally or send them by post/courier to the given address. Remember to protect the screens to avoid damaging them in transport.

2. Pricing

The received displays are checked by our specialists and valued immediately. We buy only the original panels that are suitable for regeneration. The price will be given in a few working days from receiving the parcel and you can accept it fully or partially.

3. Payment

We ask to issue an invoice for the given quantity and accepted sum. The payment itself is conducted on the same day or maximally the next day from receiving an invoice for the bought displays. In case of any questions we ask for the direct phone or e-mail contact.


Frequently asked questions

What is the minimal quantity of buying-in?
We buy in bulk and the minimal required number of displays is 20 items.
If I send more items, will you pay for the shipment?
Yes, in the case of shipping more than 50 items of original displays, we will pay for their transport.
What displays can be sent?
All stated in the price list, and the displays must be original. Unfortunately we do not buy the Chinese counterfeits.
What is the shipping address?
The shipping address is:

ul. Nowowiejskiego 7/1
61-731 Poznań

How long is the checking process?
Our specialists check the displays on an ongoing basis, but we reserve the right to send the pricing in a few working days depending on the number of the sent screens.
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