Regenerating the iPhone displays

last update 12.03.2018


iPhone 5 14 EUR
iPhone 6 15,2 EUR
iPhone 6+ 19,9 EUR
iPhone 6S 17,5 EUR
iPhone 6S+ 24,5 EUR
iPhone 7 28 EUR
iPhone 7+ 37,4 EUR
iPhone 8 37,4 EUR
iPhone 8+ 42 EUR
iPhone X 93,5 EUR

How does the process of regeneration look like?

1. Shipment and checking the screens

The first step of regeneration is shipping the parcel to our headquarters of BrokenLCD. Our specialists check if the sent displays are suitable for refabrication ensuring the highest quality of the final effect.

2. Choice of colours and confirmation

We send the list of the displays qualified to be regenerated and we ask for confirmation. Additionally we give a possibility of choosing the colours of panels that are to be used for refabrication of the screens. In case of accepting the quantity without choosing the colours, we will make them in the 50/50 proportion.

3. Payment

After the whole process of refabrication, we make a contact in order to settle the most convenient form of payment for the provided service.
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