iPhone X – the best-ranked display in history thanks to…

iPhone X – the best-ranked display in history thanks to…

Service DisplayMate, that for many is a real authority when it comes to smartphones, decided to thoroughly test a display implemented in the first iPhone that is a representative of X family. The result of this research is clear – iPhone X is the best-ranked screen in history.

A display, after many tests, measures and studies, gained the highest mark – A+, the highest among the smartphones tested until now. In almost all categories the phone display gained green notes, which means at least “very good”. The only drawback is an issue of dynamic lightness, which in reality is a problem of all screens created in OLED technology, but even in this category Apple gets “good” mark.

The experts praise the screen for being almost ideal in reproducing colours, it has the highest top lightness, the highest rate of contrast – also in the natural light, decidedly the lowest rate of reflection and the fluctuation of lightness when we change the viewing angle.

DisplayMate notice and appreciate the fact that this screen is distinguished by the natural colours and displaying black and lightness perfectly. They praise also the HDR or Night Shift modes.

The Apple workers claim that the project for the display in iPhone X is fully their own and they are responsible for the success of this screen. However the fact is that in production they used OLED displays that were produced by Korean. They are creators of this technology and for many years they have worked to enhance OLEDs. It seems that those screens are the future in the branch and they have already beaten LCD.

Apple decided to use this technology for the first time while creating iPhone X. Despite the fact that they were thinking about it for a long time we can see that they were able to use the potential of OLED displays in the best way.

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