The unofficial renders of folding Samsung leaked

The unofficial renders of folding Samsung leaked

We know about the Samsung smartphone for a while now. However at last there are some specific information about this strange phone. On the website GMSArena there are six concept renders of the device that everyone all over the world is so concerned about. Of course it is not entirely sure that it is what it will finally look like, but they are still some details.




It is worth adding that the renders of the Samsung phone were created by Jonas Dähnert (not related to the South Korean company), so they are not obvious, official renders for this phone. Evidently Dähnert referred to the information that until now was leaking on the upcoming Samsung smartphone.

As it can be seen the device has a special hinge on the renders thanks to which it can be folded in half. It also looks very similar to the previous visual leaks. However is it the look of the folded Samsung smartphone? No one knows because the phone was seen only on the inclusive CES demonstration. Most probably the company will show It publically on the turn of this and the next year.

Apparently the smartphone will have the 7 inch screen diagonal and 21:9 format with the definition of 1440 for 3360 pixels. It will also have an elastic battery. The smartphone will also have an incredibly high price. So if you don’t want to spend about eight thousand on a phone, it is better to choose the top flagships. Below you can find a price table for such smartphones.

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