What will the display in iPhone 9 be like?

What will the display in iPhone 9 be like?

Like every year, the premiere of new flagships evoke emotions, especially of those that are produced by Samsung and Apple. Long before that the specialists and enthusiasts of new technologies argue and dispute what would the new smartphones look like. The same is with iPhone 9, that is one of three phones planned by Apple for 2018. Apart from that on the market will appear two new models from the family X that debuted a year ago.

The gossips tell that iPhone 9 will be different from its predecessor , especially when it comes to the display and its size. The leaks tell that, as in case of the “ninth”, that there is a bigger visual revolution. The display is to be enlarged and instead of diagonal of 5,7’’ that was in the previous models, we will have 6,1’’. All of that in Full HD+ resolution, so 2160×1080 pixels, and the screen itself will have proportions of 18:9. Thanks to that the pixel density should remain 395 ppi. If it comes to technology, the display would be made in Full Active LCD, so we can assume that OLED technology is reserved by Apple for iPhones X and there it would be used.

The mentioned Full Active LCD technology is used by the company Japan Display. Similar solutions were used by company Xiaomi in its phone Mi Mix 2. It means that the new iPhone 9 will have really narrow frames.

It looks like Apple will change a lot in iPhone 9 if it comes to the appearance. The frames will be narrowed and the display, even if not in OLED technology, and LCD will be enlarged. Until that we can only assume what will the new American flagship look like. Soon we will surely have a clearer image of the appearance of iPhone 9.

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