What’s the difference between Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8?

What’s the difference between Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8?

The March premiere of a new flagship of the Korean giant confirmed most of the gossips that had been around the internet. People were talking that Galaxy S9 will not be any kind of revolution in comparison with Galaxy S8, the changes would be rather cosmetic and the hardware will be changed for newer and a bit faster one.

It happened in reality, and what is more, there are some components that were practically not changed. One of them is a display. It has the same proportions and there is still the authorial Samsung’s matrix.

The screens of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, as the previous ones, will have the proportion of 18, 5:9, however some time before the premiere there were voices that the Korean want to expand the screen on the longer edge. Then the new flagships would have panels with proportions of 21:9. Nothing like this happened and the proportions were not changed. The diagonals of the screens stayed the same and it is respectively 5,8” for Galaxy S9 and 6,2” for Galaxy S9+.

The resolution is another aspect where in vain it is to look for changes, it is still 2960×1440 pixels, the technology QuadHD+ remained and the pixel density is still 570 ppi like it was before. The matrix is still Super AMOLED, so the authorial solution of Samsung that was used from the beginning of Galaxy S.

As it can be seen in the case of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, Samsung decided to implement changes of displays. It chose a proven specification that worked well in the previous one. Besides, the whole ninth generation of Galaxy is rather a delicate cosmetics and small change of components comparing to the eighth one. Who knows, maybe it is just a transitional model and the Korean will surprise us with changes, as they did with Galaxy S10? We will see already at the beginning of 2019.

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