Display in iPhone 7 vs. Display in iPhone 8 – are they very different?

Display in iPhone 7 vs. Display in iPhone 8 – are they very different?

When comparing the “seventh” and “eighth”, so the Apple’s flagships, we can quickly come to a conclusion that those models are not so different. The American tried a safe cosmetics, improving hardware only a bit – the better processor, so more ram. But from the outside they gave us a phone that really resembles its predecessor. Even the dimensions are almost identical, because iPhone 8 is a bit thicker than its older brother, but has the same width and length.

Just as in case of a display with dimensions of 750 x 1334 pixels, the screen has the diagonal of 4,70’’ with a density of pixels of 326 ppi. However we must admit that iPhone 8 gained a True-Tone function that lets automatically adjust the parameters of image that adjusts the smartphone to the light conditions.

The fact that the previous panel of both models looks identical makes the customers wonder if the components included in the display can be changed between the “seventh” and the “eighth” without any failure or cracks. Unfortunately this situation would be unprofitable to Apple and in the case of these models we can’t talk about using the spare parts. But in order to know that it is necessary to look inside the phone:

Even if at first sight after opening the phone it seems that they are identical because they have the same structure of flex cable, when we look closer we will some important differences:

– the screen in iPhone 8 has metal clips in the upper part of the frame and has no free space between the ambient and proximity sensors. In iPhone 7 the clips are made of plastic and between the sensors there is a noticeable free space in the form of a hole.

– at the bottom of the model there is a holder for a screw and here the situation is different – in iPhone 8 the handle is made of plastic, and in iPhone 7 it is metal.

– the metal frame on the right has slight differences – some elements in the “eighth” are a bit rounded comparing to the “seventh”

Those differences, even if are really small, makes the change of display from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 or the other way round, impossible.

To sum up, Apple did not have to implement those changes, because generally the parameters of displays in both models are the same, but the company wants to make money on everything – also on the spare parts, so probably that is why they have made this decision.

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